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Why Marriages Fall Apart

Marriage is sacred and its between man and woman and God. You will often begin to enjoy marriage, but with the time you will notice some changes. We have many reasons why marriages fall apart. Check out the following signs to know when your marriage is falling apart.

Both parties you are always at loggerheads with each other. Disagreeing turns into arguments. This argument which are aimed at forcing each other to do or see things your way the relationship gets one sided its a telltale sign that you are separating. Due to this marriage could end a mystery.

If you can provide feelings and sex to your partner then you expect your marriage to go down. When you get married you are there to fulfill any other things and get children, it’s not all about sex, but sex is very important in the marriage anyway, it has its key role. If you are not enjoying sex then it is clear your marriage is heading to a crisis. Once your sex life is in crisis due to things like low libido or stress you might find it hard to satisfy your partner sexually hence you lose interest, this could lead to both of you are going separate ways due to lack of intimacy.

Your marriage can fail because of many negative feelings. Areal red flag to marriages. At times you can’t seem to get bothered about one, show less attention to them well you could be ruining your marriage already cause the other partner is brave enough to read the signs. If this goes on for a long time, we it could lead to loss of a partner, and eventually marriage falling apart.

There are these situations where at first you are wrong, but your partner understands you and forgives you, but you still go ahead and do it twice and it on and on and so forth. , For example, you cheat on your wife, and she finds it in her heart to forgive you, the next time she’ll leave you. You risk infections like STDs, then the partner will try to avoid the marriage hence it will go down.

Where you can’t get along with one another could be a serious problem. This can wreak havoc to marriage since it hinders closeness, openness and makes you feel a lot like a stranger to each other.

Constant threats are other signs. There are things in marriage even if you are angry or somehow irritated that you can’t say aloud like divorce. In the first place you used to share your feelings, fears, experiences, and ideas but now it’s over you can’t do that anymore. Your marriage is headed to a crisis if you notice this.

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