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All What You Need To Know on Police Brutality.

When you are a public speaker, there is a high chance that you will be required to give a speech on diverse topics and when you stand people are expecting that you fill in all the gaps of the questions they have and of course that you have the answers,police brutality is one topic that requires more media attention

Police brutality is one topic that every public speaker needs to have familiarize themselves with since this happen on a daily basis, the agents who are responsible to deliver and maintain law and order sometimes will cross the border and this creates tension and fights.

At times you may find some of the police officers are misusing their power and trust and are using unnecessary force that what is required , if that happens you will need to take measures and file for police brutality, because the situation can escalate and be lethal and dangerous.

Police misconduct is the inappropriate action done by a police officer and the law enforcement people and this covers a huge activity like coerced confessions, witness tampering, false imprisonment and tampering with evidence it is a form of the police misconduct and it is always shocking when it comes from a law officer.

The most common way a police will be brutal is through physical and will use unnecessary force in a situation and this is the easiest which one can witness and report by use of pepper sprays, batons and teasers.

There are many forms of the police brutality and this can be like verbal abuse, false arrests, psychological repression, discrimination, sexual abuse, racial profiling and police corruption, these forms are hard to identify and hard to prove, but if they do happen ensure you have reported to these police brutality attorneys who will manage to handle these cases.

Some form of police brutality are very hard to prove and according to the Journal of policing and the Society, the law enforcers are hard to report when these incidences happen and this is the code of silence which is mostly done by the police and any kind of misconduct need to be reported in case it happens.

The history of police brutality runs back to the 1872 and this was after someone reported to have been brutalized by police in the Harrison Police Station, this term however has been referred so much in the 19th century and people have come to know of their rights and where to seek for help in case such brutality happens.

As technology improves and continues , the police brutality is being reported more, smart phones have played a major role in recording and airing these brutalities and this has helped to prove that it was in fact police harassment, the media is also in the forefront in reporting the police brutalities more and this is helping to reach a large audience.